Some Events

Interviewed by New Books Network on my book Origins of Moral-Political Philosophy in Early China, March 24, 2022

locationPodcast: New Books Network

"Personal Freedom and the Good Life in the Zhuangzi: An Early Daoist Vision," Mahan Lecture, Gettysburg College, November 15, 2021

locationGettysburg College, Pennsylvania

"Zhuangzi and the Tragedy of Personal Freedom in Chinese History," Numata Lecture, University of Calgary, October 29, 2021

locationCalgary, Alberta, Canada

Chinese Philosophy Workshop

locationRutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

In order to promote a better understanding of Chinese philosophy, Tao Jiang launched the Rutgers Workshop on Chinese Philosophy (RWCP) in 2012 with Stephen Angle (Wesleyan) and Ruth Chang (Rutgers) (Dean Zimmerman took over from Ruth Chang as a co-director in 2018 when Chang moved to Oxford). RWCP is designed to build a bridge between Chinese philosophy and Western analytic philosophy, promoting critical engagement and constructive dialogue between the two sides, with the hope of bringing the study of Chinese philosophy into the mainstream of philosophical discourse within the Western academy. It is run every other spring.

A Conversation on China with Ian Johnson, a Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist

locationZoom Webinar

In a wide-ranging conversation on September 25, 2020, facilitated by Tao Jiang (RCCS director, Religion Department) and Tanja Sargent (Graduate School of Education), Ian Johnson, a Pulitzer-Prize winner and one of the most prominent Western journalists on China, talked about the many facets of his life and experience as a journalist in China over the 20 years he spent there.

Interview with Hong Kong iFeng News (鳳凰網)

locationMt. Jiuhua, China

On July 21, 2019, Tao Jiang was interviewed in Mt. Jiuhua by iFeng News 鳳凰網, a popular Chinese language news channel headquartered in Hong Kong. The conversation focused on conceptions of freedom and their place in Chinese politics prior to the modern period. The content is loosely based on Jiang's article “Isaiah Berlin‘s Challenge to the Zhuangzian Freedom,” published in Journal of Chinese Philosophy in 2012. Here is the interview and here is an illustrated version of the interview. He was in Mt. Jiuhua to participate in a forum on Chan Buddhism and Chinese Culture, which received extensive coverages from iFeng News.

Religion and the Rebuilding of China's Moral Foundations

locationChina Institute, New York, NY

On June 7, 2018, Tao Jiang participated in a panel discussion at the China Institute on “Religion and the Rebuilding of China's Moral Foundations,” with freelance writer Ian Johnson (Pulitzer-prize winner and the author of The Souls of China: The Return of Religion after Mao), moderated by Los Angeles Times journalist Barbara Demick (former LA Times Beijing and Seoul bureau chief and the author of Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea). The event received an extensive coverage in the Sing Tao Daily 星島日報, a newspaper widely circulated among the Chinese community in North America.